Saturday, December 12, 2009

its another TGIF day!

It has been a while that I posted something that's worth a read here. Well, this post is another of the daily musings that has nothing to do with other worldly current issues. Yet, it's better still rather than just re-blogging pictures from other sources right?

*Yes, I am addicted to tumblr now* ~ hehe

Anyway, my current holiday now is not really a holiday for me. Lots of things to do. As usual, December is a very very busy month. I still need to go to school to settle my projects. ( So, don't you ever start saying that teachers do really have long holidays, we still have to work ).

So, just to make this holiday more meaningful, I met up with a few of my good friends from high school. It just felt great to catch up with each other stories. It is far better than just reconnecting through facebook.

Pat, Trinna and Geraint. Just the four of us though, the others just can't make it due to other commitments. Nonetheless, it was fun hanging out. We should do this more often guys. No island trips la ah trinna, nanti kita hitam..hehe. Bowling session should be fun!

The lunch break it was...

*This shot la yang si trinna cakap si geraint nda pandai kontrol lubang hidung dia..hahaha. *

At times, we are very much like our old self during high school. But, I just can't believe it has been like almost 9 years since we left high school. A lot of things had changed, yet I do hope the friendship will remain the same.

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CathJ said...

yg paling kuat makan, paling kecil..ngam lah tu kuat makan... ^_^