Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keep your dreams Teachers!

I never once dream to be a teacher,

this morning I dreamed that I was teaching in a class,

I dreamed that I am a teacher.

And thank God that I still am after two ( coming to three ) years

The profession never fails to surprise me each and every day.

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers!

Teachers, I salute you!

p/s: Punya la mimpi mengajar sudah on a teacher's day morning. sunday lagi tu. potong stim betul...hehe


CathJ said...

hehehhehehhe... Happy teachers day to you!!!

All the best in work... kerja mulia ni.... ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

happy teacher's day!

Mouren said...

Hahahah...sekali kala kena putung stim tiapa bah..hehehe!

Happy Teacher's Day to you...

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