Monday, May 24, 2010

Bring it on

Frustration after frustration. I seem to develop a numb feeling for this feeling already. But then again, it still hurts. And the worst part is it keeps haunting you.

What happened recently?

I also seem lost in the recent happenings.

First, some event went wrong with the result and the blaming game start and I participated in an event yesterday. So, as expected everything is jeopardized. Can you imagine, the papers given out by the judges to the emcee is being manipulated right up at the stage.

Voila! The winners changed names. Thanks to the snakes and cunning foxes plus two faced people. ( I hope these people will die painfully )

I warn you dear innocent young souls who plan to join this competition. Keep your eyes open. Things can get as ugly as this. I have encountered too much of this and the yesterday's event was a perfect closure for the whole journey of becoming one.

Not too mention that I am being discriminated for my height during an interview for the selection of representative for the district for one competition also. And so the rest are tall, so what? That's the only plus point that they have. The rest are all negative ( IQ, looks, etc) But, NOOOOOOO..I cannot. Why? Sabab ko randah bah...pindik! ( stab me now! )

Second, an upcoming event at work. It is just so frustrating that some people just do not know what is the meaning of responsibility. Hmmm and I tell you, teachers being teachers are sometimes really NOT the best professionals that you can see around. Some people do have this kampungan mentality and they proudly bring it in the meeting room. And some just plainly unaware of whats happening. Biarlah kan hujung bulan gaji juga bah, buat kerja lebih buat apa. One word for you people. K.A.R.M.A = karma!

I salute my fellow colleagues that really work their ass off to make the event to happen even though I know it is hard to juggle other work with this task. I felt the pain too. But to those who sort of trying to be blind and deaf with their task, I hope you will be blind and deaf for real.

Ooops, nah menyumpah sudah. Forgive me, I am being human now. I have to control my temper and brush up on my diplomacy skills. I want to learn how to marah people but still in a VERY nice way.

Social politics, work politics, and what not politics. As far that I am concerned, every single thing that is happening now only brings frustration around.

Even switching off the wireless internet to curb my sisters usage during their studying time also invokes bad vibes around.

What can I do? It seems every single thing is bad. Jahat. Buruk. Semua lah! And other frustrations that is not being told here. Hmmm...

Kill me now if you wish...


About Me said...

its hard to please everyone. just try to be vulnerable.. everything will be fine soon dear! :)

TaQuiLa said...

one word : VACATION!

take a break and enjoy the time!

theRev said...

Datin! Jgn ko tensen psal unduk ngadau tu... stiap unduk ngadau sa tgk sama ja... yg buruk sja menang. nda kisah la perangai, muka, ataupun kepandaian, yg menang mmg 'pecah'! :P
yg penting ko tau sepa ptt menang, org yg tgk pun tau sepa yg ptt menang, and org buduh stay buduh! :D

but with regards to the theme of your post, ko pi la cover lagu Fuel - "Bad Day" ;D anyway, stay strong! whatever happens, ko ingat ja pak cik yg kira pasir di sna gurun, sure hidup ko ceria balik! :D