Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ninik saya manang unduk ngadau!

Betul bah! Bukan main-main ni. Numbur satu lagi tu.

Well, actually it was part of the event at church. The parish level Kaamatan Celebration. And so the unduk ngadau fever is also here.

These were the contestants this afternoon. 7 out of 8 saja pula..satu hilang nda tau pigi mana.

I tweeted that it is gonna be a long Saturday right? Indeed it was a long Saturday.

Started my day bright and early in the morning. Went to church around 8am, mass at 9, then the event started at 1230pm.

I emcee-ed the first part of the event. Done my part, hurried back home to do my grandma's hair (kasi sanggul konon tapi style serabut punya ) and make up also. By 2pm, rushed back to the church to fetch my grandma there.

TOTAL CHAOS! I even forgot to eat. My hunger sampai hilang bah telampau sibuk...

Anyway, everything went well.

Congratulations to the nenek-nenek... :)
Pis dia bilang! Hehehe

Unduk Ngadau mode is totally ON!


sHeiLa said...

hehehee..good thing!

the elders pun nda la ba terasa tersisih time2 kaamatan ni..kekeke

say congrats to ur ninik!

maslight said...

aisey, kick oh nenek ko. pandai peace jua XD

Cath J said...

jangan main2.... peace sign lagi...hehehheheheh...

congrats to nenek!!!! ^_^

Donny Ien said...

Wah..interesting gia ni kaamatan sana..congratulation ka om kopisanangan dia Joan.