Friday, May 28, 2010

I can breathe again

It has been quite some time that I sing, play the ukulele, doing some reflective writing. I missed that!

For the past few days it has been a crazy busy time.

Not enough sleep + stress level high = cranky Joan

Remember...I don't really function well in a high stress environment. You can always expect the unexpected when I am in such situation.

Anyway, last post-mortem meeting for an event, I voiced out my dissatisfaction bluntly during the meeting. I specifically mention the name of the person without thinking twice. I guess there's not many people who dare to point out their colleague's name boldly during a meeting hence all the glare and surprised looks.

Usually in meetings, people tidak puas hati sure cakap berlapik. But, I don't know what happen that time, I guess my mulut really celupar la. Sorry, I am lacking diplomacy skills.

But then what to do. If not now, when la kan? or if not me, who la then?

I am the leader for the unit and I think that person is wrong so I need to voice it out. Hate it? Then do your part properly. I was being asked to be the leader so I am just doing my job. You don't like my big mouth, then work with someone else who won't speak up if you don't do your job.

My principle is easy and it applies to everything around me ( work, personal, etc )

I do my work ( part ) and you do yours and no one gets hurt

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