Monday, May 17, 2010


Bokeh - is the opposite of sharpness. The blur effect is something to be appreciated in a photograph.

To me it is art!
Anyway, blur-ness is not something to be appreciated by all especially in everyday's life. Sharpness of the mind is something to be favoured.

This picture I took last year, I am always fascinated by lights and the bokeh behind - I think it is mad awesome.

Taking pictures is another form of therapy of mine to get my mind off things ( last time it was painting )

I can say going through May is a challenge. A sharp mind for certain things is what I need yet need to bokeh out some of the un-important stuff to get my focus right.

Be realistic and take things as it is. That's the mantra for now.


Cath J said...

Did you tok this pic?? very nice!! love it...

Oh BTW... need your support lah.. *Blush*... minta tolong voteee.... helppppp.... ^_^

Frankie said...

nice one... it makes our life a lot easier to cruise on if we know which one to 'bokeh' and which one to 'focus' on.

PS: ngam juga la gelas carlsberg di kasi 'sharp' on the month of may... :P