Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day MOM!

Bought a "bag" for my Mom this mother's day...Haha..

We asked her to get her LV shawl as well to wear before we reveal the cake. And boy, she was so surprised to see the "bag"

We can't afford to buy one for you mom, a cake will do. Hehe.

Then she said very sayang want to eat.. "mari kita tinguk saja la"

Well, being good kids. We never listen to her. Hahahaha.

So, destruction happens.
Tada..the aftermath..

My mom tidak marah juga la..cos dia actually pun memang mau makan juga. haha

Happy Mother's Day Mom, We love You!

And to all mothers out there as well. Happy Mother's Day! Spread the love.


TaQuiLa said...

looks yummy ooOoooo!

Happy Mum's day aunty!

Bxnjamin said...

Looks so real!...awesome