Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No matter how hard I denied it. It is actually the best term to define the state I am in now.

I am practically in a bad mood almost every day. Maybe the hormones talking. Hmmm. I don't think so.

Suffering from low self esteem and also very very very broke at the same time. Things are not helping.

Looking at the mirror, I hate the girl I saw in the mirror. I am not tall and I am chubby. I have been delaying the get-fit regime too long. Time is running out. March and April, I need to be a bridesmaid for my my friends' wedding.

April event is still okay, still got time to "diet mati". March, ARGHHHHH!!!!! Macam mana la? The other girls tu semua kurus-kurus and tinggi-tinggi. Imagine air-stewardess type of girls. T_T..... huhuhu

Rambut kering, muka flaking, arms flabby, segala yang buruk lah.

The time when I need to turn to healthy food is so wrong lah, the early-year stress is always asking me to turn to comfort food.

I don't eat then I will eat people.

Joan is in a very low self esteem mode....hmpph.
At least this pig has a crown over her head...huhu. That should boost her self esteem


TaQuiLa said...

diet mati? Please jangan sampai u sakit ar ~

chegu carol said...

kalau sa ckp, dont look down on yourself, mesti ko lagi mengamuk sama sa tu kan joan hehe...tapi tu pink piggy jugalah yang paling menarek hati...pakai tube lagi tu hehe