Thursday, February 10, 2011

what's wrong?


I hate to see the "mintapuji" updates. Sometimes, I think its not worth it to post it there. Go, get a twitter account or something la. Kamu suka hati post sana, then I think I can suka hati kutuk you people yang I don't like la kan. Or maybe I should do some "friends" list trimming again. Ni kali buang semua yang tidak berkaitan. Muahahaha.


It really kills my blog. Seriously!
I sort of blog in those few sentences on twitter. It's taking over my blog. Guess that explains the absence of good posts these days ( or are they even there good posts before? hehe )




Ahhh.. I think I need to get a life la. I think I depend so much on those things to make me happy.

p.s: as a result of too much coughing, I think my eyes are like falling off its sockets.


Mimi said...

Ya, bikin panas tu post mintapuji on Facebook! Belum lagi yg post gambar barang2 yg derang beli.. Mesti mau nampak brand lagi, hehehe..

Apa tu Formspring? Nanti saya google.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

someone's cranky. hah. but no seriously, there should be a guideline for posting status updates.

Lina said...

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Joan said...

mimi..bah pigi try formspring!

amanda..yeah, memang cranky oh saya these few days. teda duit maybe ni

Lina. hi, since youre from USM as well. I will help lah.hehe

Lizeewong said...

Ya, I hate minta puji posts too. Esp the ones yg suka kestau dorang rajin p kerja, EVERYDAY even on Sunday pun pi opis kunun.

Mas Light said...

Oh gawd, I think I'm getting tired of facebook and twitter, banyak urang mintapuji. But then again, it's how I get connected with some friends and update with weekend runs. Antam jak la.

chegu carol said...

errr...*think back* pernahkah sia buat mintapuji status on my FB ah...ehem...hehehe