Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you only knew

Compartmentalize. That's the word that I am holding on as for the moment. There's a season for everything. So cannot stress myself too much.

Keep nice thoughts in the head.

Remembering the carefree days of being a teenager. All was nice except that money have to ask from parents..haha.. and those days, internet is like uhmmm..what..internet..apa tu? Haha.

You 80's babies, still remember growing up during your teenage years listening to this song?
The song that probably all the girls that time fell in love with. The radios as well won't stop playing it. People humming it at school corridors.

And the poster of the blue-eyed beau plastering their bedroom wall. It sorta just hit me to find out whatever happens to this baby-faced teenage star in the 90s.

Gil Ofarim, now. All grown up.

-and transformed. At 28, he's looking hot. Itu rambut masih juga bah macam tu kan. Tapi tu jambang...doiii!!!


chegu carol said...

oh he's a hunk alright, at 28 i mean. not the younger version. :)

CathJ said...

HOt!! ;-p ;-p

TaQuiLa said...

oh..he's so hawtttttttttttttttt!!