Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ako po si Marimar

Finally get to go online and update this blog. Man, the journey to Boracay from Kota Kinabalu took like approximately 12 hours.

Left my house at 9pm on Monday and we only arrived at Boracay Garden Resort at 11am on Tuesday. As of my last post, I was at the domestic airport terminal. The flight to Kalibo was at 6.50am.

Upon reaching Kalibo, it was only a small airport and most of the people reaching there will definitely go to Boracay. So there are lots of land transfer option available.
We took this one. Southwest company. You can see yourself what is there being offered in the PHP500 ( approx RM48 ).it save you a lot of time by helping you to purchase all those conservation fees and what not. 

You will be given a sticker stating the name of your accommodation place and they will send you right to the lobby of your hotel. So, even if you are a first time traveler or a lone traveller it won't be so intimidating.

The place am staying right now is mostly occupied by Koreans. There's even a Korean restaurant here in this hotel and of course the staff mistakenly greeted us with "anyeonghaseyo" is quite funny too. Hahaha.

Weather was superb on the first day of our stay here but it's kinda sad to see along the way to Caticlan port,the destruction caused by the Haiyan typhoon. It looked bad here. I guess it's even worse in Tacloban area. But the locals are recovering well here I guess. And they still accept donations here and there.

One thing that really amazed me the most here ( second is the availability of pork dishes everywhere), is the beach!!!! 

Look at the sea water! So crystal clear! I went for a swim just now before sunset and the water is like swimming pool water. And the waves are also aren't that strong. It is really like a swimming pool with waves and sandy bottom. 

It wasn't that sunny today as compared to yesterday, so rajin sikit la pigi berjalan.

Am currently blogging at the lobby of this hotel in front of all this ahjumma(s). The only place that there's free wifi in this hotel is the lobby. Tsk tsk tsk. But anyway, it's good to be away from the social media every now and then.

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chegu carol said...

bikin kasi tambah semangat sy mo pigi boracay juga...last i went to manila, my pinoy friend said u must come here again for boracay...sungguh menarik sekali itu white sandy beach. Love!