Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hell of a week

School holidays ( the official one ) is approaching soon and my mind is as chaotic as the preparation to close all the files and what not. As usual the normal question before the school holidays start will be "where are you going for vacation?"

This year end, me and the mister are going to Boracay, Phillipines ( yeay, another one off my list ) and also New Zealand after that.

I am just worried about the condition of the journey to Boracay after the super typhoon hit the central Phillipines. How things gonna be like and stuff. I read that things are getting back to normal faster than you know for certain parts of the affected area except for the hardest hit area like Tacloban.

So, in the meantime now its all about reading forums online and be updated of the current updates from the Phillipines news.

Friends who have been there, any advise on travelling especially the boat transfers and stuff?

Now, gotta find those bikinis and see whether I still can fit into them. Haha

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