Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's more fun in Boracay

Spent the whole day at the beach today. Had breakfast and went straight to the beach. We only return to the hotel room after sunset. 

Enjoying my final full day in Boracay today. Tapi terus mo demam ni satu hari kana angin kana air kana panas. Odoi. 

Super crystal clear water! Can't resist it. Biar la sunburn. 

In the afternoon I went to D Talipapa market to look for souvenirs. Apparently things are cheaper here as compared to another tourist shopping place called d'Mall. 

And I was in awe to see the concept of a wet market that sells fresh seafood to the tourist (bikin heran kan, bukan souvenir pun tu barang). Rupanya they have cooking service there. 

Yes, you buy the supplies and bring to any of the restaurant nearby to cook for you (for a fee la of course). Cool concept!

After rounds at the market, it's about sun and sea again. Nap time at the beach chair. Habis.. Jadi ikan masin.

Peduli nda kurus, keyakinan harus ada. Hahaha. Ok bye!


StellaClaire-Richard said...

sya blm pernah pigi Boracay. Cantik kan tu tmpt.
Ayat paling akhir tu ba paling manang hahaha

Fay Jesselton said...

My boyfriend and I was talking about Barocay today and I accidentally end-up here.. mmg dreaming for holiday ni tau T_T

Btw, I enjoyed your nice pictures :)