Tuesday, November 12, 2013

KBAT yang hebat!

Have you heard of the term KBAT. It's actually HOTS translated to Malay. Still doesn't ring a bell? KBAT ( kemahiran berfikir aras tinggi ) and HOTS ( higher order thinking skills). Apparently the whole system is gonna be revamped soon and the teachers are being prepared for it. So, yeah... The final week of the school term is filled with courses and more paperwork to be done. And mind you this course has assignments that need to be submitted by the 15th.

Urgh! Everything la 15th. It's kinda like a ticking time bomb has been set to explode on the 15th unless you find the code to stop the time by doing all the required things (but the list is endless and impossible! Huhu). I really really feel defeated already. Sigh!

But this still doesn't beat the idiocy of SPPBS! KBAT I still think you are useful despite the weird and overload of acronyms it brings.

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