Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lack of sleep

En route to Boracay now. The flight from KK to Manila via Cebu airways was on midnight. Fighting sleepiness. Still waiting at Manila Domestic Airport Terminal 4. Landed at Terminal 3 and we took metered taxi to come here. It only cost us like PHP140 as compared to the touts price (PHP450-500)

Sleepy and hungry

I get very cranky if I am sleepy and hungry. Then we checked in. There's more food stalls inside the boarding area. Kenyang now senang hati.

Ooh. Ada free wifi here at this airport. Double senang hati.

Long journey still to reach Boracay. Hope the journey is worth it. Hopefully I can update my instagram. Keep an eye on the hashtag #jvmonholiday 

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