Thursday, March 20, 2014

Berapa la ko dapat SPM?

The whole nation went on a "comparing" frenzy today. Yes! It's the time when how many A(ss) you get to prove your worth in this cruel world. But hey don't worry it will subsides in a year or two or rather when you start working.

How many A(ss) doesn't really matter these days. Well at least for me. It's more to how you grow as a person. Some people really grown to be an "ass". Scoring well in your academics doesn't really guarantee you a good life ahead. Some survived, some don't. Some went crazy, some just died. Yeah, like for real. That's why again my point, to really live to be a well balanced human being is SO important.

And again the habit of comparison irks me a lot. 

"Anak si anu dapat begini2 banyak A oh"

"Sekolah si anu punya peratusan A lebih banyak oh banding sekolah si anu"

"Tu la ko nda belajar betul betul, tinguk teda A pun result ko"

And the situation goes and on and on. Can't you just swallow in the fact that some are smart and some are smart in other things. Take the result as a fact and not as a statistic.

"Congrats for scoring 100 million A(ss) in your SPM, now you can be doctor"

"Congrats for scoring 7trillion A(ss) in your SPM, now you can go oberseeees"

Doctor, studying abroad and what not. So cliche. Not all straight A students wants to study medicine mind you. Do what you love! Go on live your life. Just don't start comparing and ridicule those who decide (or rather just can go) to Skill Development institutions like Polytechnics. 

Everyone has their own path in their life. Stop comparing and just live your life properly. Just try be human in your own way. 

I have lived to be a product of comparison to others and being a straight A(ss) student all the way until I crumble in under the pressure when I was in uni. This has taught me to be human and I am so driven to inspire others not to be in the situation I was before.

Let these young kids be happy with what they are learning. These are the happy faces of my students during a science class activity.

Parents, family and friends, don't compare their exam results. Inspiring them is a better way.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

I have no faith in SPM anymore.