Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mentally exhausted

Today is the day i felt so nervous and restless about something. Like ever. I was more calm during my wedding (even tho that time i was an amotional wreck). Today is the competition of the puisi dan lagu thingy. 

For this week, i am assigned to be the chaperon for the MSSB Barat team for Tuaran district and also the jurulatih/guru pengiring for the Puisi & Lagu team (but i think i also serve as the manager of the team). I am still very much pissed with some of the people who are supposed to help in managing the group but i ended up doing everything myself. Sakit jiwa betul gotta deal with this people.

My day started out early by helping the students to get ready... aaaaatt the same time, the documents for the team isn't ready because of "inefficient" people i have to work with. Itu the other teacher who is supposed to help me pigi baca newspaper lagi like nothing important to do. Mau marah but the teacher is as old as my dad. Aiya....

Then being a first timer, we dont really have a clue of what is coming our way. Organizer pun nda cukup ready. Never notify us that they don't provide guitar amp. (Insert cursing words here). I was so anxious waiting for my sister to be the backup help to hantar the amp from home to the competition venue.

The result of the competition: 

We didnt get any placing but we did win the Best Song category. As expected, we don't really score good marks on the puisi side (what do you expect a Science teacher can write good sajak ???) more room to improve...hey not bad for a first timer, eh? 

And although the costume mark wasn't that big but we did capture everyone's attention by showing up with nice costumes and not the cliche "melayu cina india combo". Tidak sia sia i put effort on that and jahit the kain sarung for the girls. These days no such thing as you can claim the expenses from school, all sendirian berhad. Tsk tsk tsk!

Such a learning experience for the team and myself too. Tomorrow back to chaperoning. Sigh. Last and final day though. So yeay la juga.

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