Sunday, March 09, 2014

Make a change

Changes in life.

I just came back from KL for house viewing session with the relocation agent. The mister is transferring soon and he will be like across the South China Sea again. This time even further. I thought he will stay in Labuan but changes are good for his career.

My weekend are practically fully occupied these days. The final weekend of February was filled with hours of Zumba. I attended the basic 1 Zumba instructor training. Finally, after contemplating for almost a year. Anyway, I am a certified Zumba Instructor now. 

Before the Zumba instructor training was a week at the athletics meet. Again, I was the so called physiotherapist. Burned and baked by the sun and kneaded muscles of many bau kaki (haha) athletes. All was worth it because our school won the overall champion title after 5 years. Woohoo.

Aaaaaand the week before the athletics meet was the netball tournament week. Worst performance ever by my teams but it's all about gaining experience. I hope my students remember the bittersweet memories of having a very garang yet caring coach. Haha.

More stuff to come. I heard the puisi dan lagu competition is coming before the mid term school break. So yeah, I gotta abide and respect the request of the school principal for he personally thinks that I should lead the team despite the lack of (my) knowledge and experience towards these kind of stuff.

It is also a whirlwind in my mind now that the mister's transfer is actually happening soon and the need to get a house in KL also having to make it a home there. Also leaving the "nest" and settling with the in laws. So many changes. Can I cope? Sigh.. I am afraid actually.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ko yg pindah joan? I thought si mister yg dtg p sabah...

Joan said...

Amanda... ya saya la yang akan pindah ni. No job opening for him in kk