Monday, January 15, 2007

Malaysians...are we?

One thing that really made our country special is the plural society and the diverse culture that we have. –and Yes, I think the government is making a lot of money because of that fact. Furthermore, its Visit Malaysia year this year right. Malaysia…truly ASIA. Is it? Or not?

From all the diverse variety of food that we have, melting pot of rich culture and backgrounds, and many other things that any Malaysian could be proud of *except the fact that we have not so-smart MP’s who spent their time in the parliament suggesting our “angkasawan” to play congkak in space..hehe*

Well, my point is this country has a lot of reason to be proud of *oh and again except for ISA and maybe injustice among the people…owh..can’t elaborate more on this, later will be prosecuted*

Malaysia. I think anybody who learn geography or ever seen the world map, they sure know that this whole nation comprises of the oblong shape of the peninsular which extends from the mainland Asia and it is the nearest large land mass next to the more famous nation called Singapore – and this peninsular is called Malaysia.

BUT, not forgetting across the SOUTH CHINA SEA, the large land mass, which is also the third largest island in the world called Borneo. The northern part of the island which comprises of SABAH and SARAWAK is ALSO part of Malaysia. I guess this fact, quite A LOT of people forgot about that. It is even sad; when some of the people are also Malaysians. Effect of being ignorant…well, maybe. Can’t say much about that.

I remember my sister’s story about her friends went to a shop and the shopkeeper go and advise them about behaving properly in other people’s country. And all of them were quite puzzled with that remark. *who came and do what? Wat the heck??*

Ok, these days quite a number of Sabahans (as well as Sarawakians) who came to west Malaysia *Gosh, I hate referring Malaysia got East and West* to study. Unfortunately, their existence sometimes has been mistakenly thought as Indonesians or other foreign nationalities. I think just because we don’t really look like or our physical characteristics don’t really fall into the 3 so-called “main” races in Malaysia then we are foreigners –OK2. I am not trying to be a racist here but it is sometimes unfair.

Didn’t they know that Malaysia also includes Sabah & Sarawak?

Can’t people just stop being ignorant about the existence of diverse language and culture and not only there are 3 main races in this nation?

Just because the Bahasa Sabah sounds “a bit” like Bahasa Indonesia, doesn’t qualify us to be called Indonesians in our own local land.

I remember some people who ask us when we go and shop here;

“Orang Malaysia ke?” –Are you Malaysian?

“Dari Indonesia?” – From Indonesia?

“Kamu orang Filipina?” – Are you a Philipino?

“Kamu bangsa apa?” – What is your race?

Hmmm…I am not sure those questions are being asked out of curiosity or because of the effect of being ignorant all this while.

So, when I answer when being asked what is my race? My answer would be KADAZAN.

And there’s the question again

“Kadazan tu bangsa dari mana?”

Urgh.......Forget it!


Unknown said...

lol.... i still remember got this murut traditional dancing in Sungai Wang & this malay gang infront of me dengan bangga & confident-nya say "oh!! penari dari sarawak ni!" then i'm laughing my ass off in front of em`.
again.... back in 2004 my flatmate from terengganu ask me this question "Sabah kat kuching ehh~?"
malas mo layan... i always tell them.. "google lar ngok!"

El said...

we were a separate country, with a completely different religion & culture fr malaya before we join them to form msia only 40+ yrs ago. they were only interested in our natural resources & converting us then (according to history books i read lah) & i still don't see any difference now.... in fact the west msians attitude towards us has proven the fears of our ancestors (about joining malaya) right.

Joan said...

Hmm...more thoughts from me: I wonder why last time the leaders of yesteryears agreed on joining the formation of Malaysia? It seems now because we are part of the whole thing, the resoures have been divided throughout the nation. But I heard the division of wealth or funds are not equal esp for our state across the sea.

Somehow, on another note, the role played by the media is not doing much to lift the image of this two states in borneo. Remember Celcom and Digi ads?If Sabah or Sarawak, someone must wear baju kayu, wear cawat, use perahu onli to travel, and houses like rumah panjang.Why should it be like this.

Borneo- the land full of mystery and very exotic. but they also forget the fact that we are moving towards modernization as well. In fact, KK, Kuching, and Miri are better than some of the state capitals at the other side of the nation* across the sea*

Chironex said...

there are many what if scenarios. what if azahari relented and brunei jadi masuk malaysia? what if we are still under brunei/sulu? what if the opposition leaders managed to convince our leaders then to reject formation of malaysia? lee kuan yew too much of a sweet talker for our tun fuad. and the konfrantasi conspiracy which i only recently knew about - i was speechless. that is in the past. if we want to change the future - i think you can start by reading about WHY Ireland is not part of the UK, and how they managed to do so in the early 20th century. changing the status quo does not look rosy.

unkLe said...

ooh! ooh! ooh! ooh! .... i Like this kinda topic!.... shiz !... lemme comment !.. lemme comment on this.. haehaehae... ok ok... 1st of aLL.. i dont think they`re ignorant.. not ignorant at ALL!..... Those "creatures" are just PLAIN STUPID BLOODY IDIOTS!..... ok.. end of story..... short and spicy.. and relax.. they wont understand a word i`m saying... since we`re from another nationality or something.. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karulann said...

Hohoho, alah but it's kind of common thing when you're at semenanjung.. My boss once said to me, "Could you please include a map of Malaysia and Sabah, Sarawak"... It was at the tip of my tongue to correct him, but he's the boss :-)... The problem stem from plain ignorance and so at the end of day, we have to re-educate them... "Sabah and Sarawak is part of Malaysia - So please just say it as Malaysia !"