Friday, February 29, 2008

first sabahan to win a reality tv singing show!

AYU! She made the land below the wind very proud...First Sabahan to win a reality TV singing show..And she also proves that talents REALLY do can overcome superficial LOOKS.

We have Sabahans winning big singing competitions but not OIAM. This prove Sabahans never lack of singing talents.

AF, MI, OIAM, Blastoff, Juara Lagu, Bintang name it. Sabahans has been there and done that!

Congratulations again. *but am a little bit skeptic about the style that their potrayed in the clothes they were wearing in the show...a bit too frumpy for me*


LAi said... start googling to see if you related with her..ekeke

i'm wish...hahaha

1 juta ba tuh sapa tdak mau related..

p/s:kan Jiaja dulu menang blast-off..

Dazeree Joan said...

Ayu is not 100% perfect lah. But yet, she deserves it. So much potential.