Sunday, February 24, 2008

malaysian artist...copycats or power of make up?

you judge for yourselves okay... (got these pics from an email from a friend)

Jac and Janet Jackson

mmmmm..cant see the similarities

Dayang and Beyonce
*doi, punya la perasan*

Amy Mastura and Coco Lee
at some angle, got la a bit

Siti Nurhaliza and Katie Holmes
huh..apa yang sama? bentuk muka maybe...tapi katie holmes got better looking husband la. ahaha

Zahnita Wilson and Catherine Zeta Jones
*apa ah?*

Ziana Zain and J.Lo
*smile sama la mungkin, and the *ss besar maybe..hehe*

Jeslina and Britney Spears
maybe the old britney ada sikit sama la the features tapi the NOW-rundown-avalanche-catastrophic-lifestyle Britney, muka tiada yang sama lagi.. :)

and last but definitely not the least..

Farid Kamil and Lelaki Kucing..Farid...where is Sharlinie?

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