Saturday, February 09, 2008

love is in the air!

my first love with commercialized donuts was Dunkin Donuts...been in love with it for so long, through my teenage years and early uni years. *but the funny thing is I only get to eat these when I went to KL or places that I manage to visit that have Dunkin Donuts..ahaha*

then recently came along J.CO Donuts, I broke up with Dunkin Donuts. *haha, tidak mau tengok langsung lagi Dunkin Donuts*. J.CO Donuts taste so heavenly even without those fancy toppings. Besides the price isn't so bad also.
But I can guarantee you from the sight of the donuts, it is mouth-watering enough that you couldn't resist to take a bite. *oh, and what is so nice with this is that some drinks that you buy comes with a free glazy donuts..thats yummy enough to be eaten just like that*

and now, the newly open outlet in KK is this Big Apple Donuts and Coffee...Huhuhu, it really made me cheat on J.CO. it seduces me until I almost fell in love with this one.
I also found out that some of its Donuts have more or less the same features with J.CO's..a copycat? hmmmm... am in a dilemma. I cant be in love with both. Spoilt for choices, only time will tell *Big Apple or J.CO? Dunkin have been long gone..*

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