Friday, February 15, 2008

cerita yang tertinggal

this is a backdated post...wrote it but din post it. Didn't manage to finish blogging about this. These pictures taken during my duty at the MSSD Tamparuli, last week. It was raining throughout the 3 day event leaving the field muddy and ewwww...dirty. it seems that all the events are "berlari dalam lumpur"

and this is one dog that keeps me entertained during the sports day...Observe the spots on its head...very symmetrical and strategically located on both sides of his head..hehe..Cute!

and these are my students fooling around.."muka-muka kecundang" some who won some medals la but all in all their performance was not so great compared to the previous year.
this is me and my senior in school last time, Chong See Yee. She is also now a teacher in SMKT

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