Sunday, February 10, 2008

wah lau!

I just can't believe my eyes when I watched channel 104 just now, the 'How Do I Look?' show was on. Then came this skinny girl with long straight hair being interviewed. Looking goofy and all that. She seems SO familiar with the voice and look without make up. The caption underneath saying Ling Tan - Malaysia International Supermodel.

Ling Tan.. name is quite familiar but an International Supermodel, never did ring a bell in my head.

Then it struck me. She was the guest I had attended during my last job at Shangri-La RRR. Ms Tan. the girl with a mat salleh boyfriend. *and her face that time memang look like in the picture below*

That time, drizzling, she came up to our counter with her black bikini asking my colleague to put on her silicone swimming cap. So, susah to put on her head, I had to help.

Learned that she just came down from climbing mount Kinabalu, and she was so weary and worrying a lot about her sore muscle and painful toenails.

I shared my experienced about toenails being blue black and eventually 'tercabut' after climbing the mountain. She freaked out. Then I have quite a hard time on explaining things that later one everything will be alright. Hehe. She is very funny la.~and friendly too.

I find it very amusing also she always need help on tying her bikini strings and putting on her sunscreen. She keep on coming back to us at the counter by the pool for help.

It was 2 months ago...

Little did I know that...

SHE is actually a supermodel based in the Big Apple, signed with Elite Models some more. And she is the first internationally acclaimed Asian model. Her resumes also consist of gracing the runways of Milan, NY and so many fashion hotspots as well as having her face plastered all over magazines doing campaign for famous brands like Gucci, Guess, Emporio Armani and the list goes on. She is also the first Asian model to have a cosmetics deal worldwide...more info here

more pictures of her here asian models
and her profile at IMG models

SHE is even the model icon of most aspiring models and not too mention established models like Amber Chia *taken from her interview*

Do you have a model icon? Ling Tan. She was the first local model to gain international recognition. I really admire her. I think she has earned all that through hard work and a great personality. I want to follow in her footsteps.

*Now I know how she got to pay the expensive luxurious room of the Ocean Wing RRR.* hahaha


Anonymous said...

Ling has climbed mt Kinabalu? cool.

she is among my fav models too. ive spotted her in Female magazine 8 years ago. She was pictured in a runway coverage, and the picture that stole my eyes was Ling in just a see - through tunic top with nothing inside. You know lah how models dont normally wear bra when they are on the runway. Her tits were so obvious in the picture.Then later, read her bio on one of the magazines (forgot which one)and learnt that she is hail from Msia. Cool huh? I, too, wouldn't know that she is a Malaysian until i read that cover story. I thought she was just some Chinese from China. Ha!

her model sister looks lots like her as well but a bit round in the face.

Joan said...

it is a pride for malaysians to have someone being in the limelight of the high fashion industry...right?