Monday, February 25, 2008

life is good...things that matters

nothing beats the warmth of the hot caramel during a cold rainy day. plus whipped cream on top. *heaven!* but still, life is definitely good according to San Fransisco Coffee. Yet, I really don't think that their products could live up to that name. My advise to you all who are planning to have a cuppa there. DON'T!somehow the ambience is quite nice though, a change from the the earthy and neutral tones of Starbucks and Coffee Bean's color theme. I am seeing RED at San Fransisco coffee

ooh...and another thing, went to CRES Moment at Warisan Square, tried their Magical Aroma Aromatherapy Body Massage and Foot Reflexology. Hmm, the magical things that I expect didn't really happen, I felt kinda stiff around my shoulders instead after the massage. Personally, I don't really like the techniques that the therapist used. Knowledge wise about the treatments, the therapists don't really know what they are doing also.Quite a letdown for a very exclusive place like that. There's room for improvement though. For the foot reflexology, it is recommended to those who have sore feet after the shopping spree around the complex. It's worth trying for this one. Life is totally good with those visit to the spa..hehe

lovin' the ambience in Cres Moment

life is definitely good, when we savour the little things that make us happy. not the major ones only have to be looked upon to. but being human, we tend to forget about this.

Appreciating my coffee and my fake fabulosity attire (my-not-so-original- LV bag)...still lovin' it *no one wud know its fake if I dont tell right?*and definitely life is so good
with my other half

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