Saturday, April 18, 2009


I google up the word and whoa...there is a site called . Unfortunately, the site didn't manage to kill my boredom. I am still bored.

Just finished setting the exam questions. Well, not all. Paper 2 done. Paper 1 is halfway done. Gonna continue tomorrow la. hehe.. So much for the semangat membara yesterday. Peyh!

Went to the salon this morning to do some highlights on my hair. Wanted to do something like this....
But since my workplace doesnt really allow blond highlights, I decided to go for a burgundy color hues. Much to my dissapointment, the result is far from what I wanted. Might as well I dyed my whole head with the same color. It might look better. Since the outcome is not nice, then it is not worth taking pics of my strangely coloured hair.

Tomorrow is Sunday, usual things in the morning I expect. Might be doing something exciting tomorrow afternoon. Exciting for me at least. hehe. Wait for my next post for the details.

In the meantime...

Boredom attack now. Nothing is cool on FB and since the is not there anymore, my blog-hopping is restricted and I am not as rajin as before to do it anymore. I don't really bother to look up for other blog portals also because the community is different. Whatever happen to btw?


maslight said...

get wigs *giggles

sweet-girlicious said...

oooohhhh...i guess u need to hop more blog today to get ideas...ahha..perhaps so....hahah.
post us your new hair!