Thursday, April 16, 2009


Damn you internet. Haha.. I wish I can say that.

No matter what I do everyday, I can't stop myself from starting and concluding my day with surfing the net. Blog hopping, FB-ing and what other nonsense that I can do online. 

This year, the staff room is also equipped with free wifi. Aduiiiiiiiii... Luckily I am just a bit malas to bring my lappy toppy everyday to school. Kalau tidak....muahahaha

When will I finish setting my exam questions? *I promised to myself to finish it by this weekend..hoho*

When will I get my lazy bum to go on a workout regime twice a day? *Satu hari satu kali pun macam apa saja...membabi saja kerja*

Huuuu...Remember about my 10 kg in 10 weeks bet? *Aahhh.. progress is kinda slow. Help. Must discipline myself*

Currently, I am quite inspired by people like 
Mel * -> Fitness people kan. Fit oh dia ni* 
Christine * -> Check out her pics . and also her fitness*

Oh, btw.. I am now recovering from a sprained neck. So I called it. ahaha. I don't know what is the condition but I know my neck hurts. 

Celakalah engkau bantal yang ku baru beli itu, chey. Brand Dreamland konon. Tak guna juga. Sakit leher ku!

It's getting better la now.

Wah, time flies! Okay I am off to do something now. haha. If rajin la. If not I wanna sleep. Will face a long day tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

Aw thanks moi.. sweet of you. :) Pi la workout..once you get on the can be addictive you me now...mau berlari ja kerja... :D Try it