Sunday, April 19, 2009

the exciting thing i did

Haha. As promised, I have written in my previous post about the exciting thing that am gonna do today.

So, what did I do today?

Along with my two other friends, Eva and Elly, we gila-gila and went for this audition at Le-Meridien.

We reached there around 330pm already and were the last 3 person to register. My number was 0079. 
*Eva's 0080 and Elly's 0081*. Fashionably late and all the people there were just staring at us. Sudah la lambat ni 3 orang bising lagi tu. ketawa saja. memang teda kemaluan betul.haha

The form also 3-4 pages long, wahlao! So susah one meh? I don't really bother to fill in everything especially the part they ask for your makanan kegemaran and minuman kegemaran. hehe.

Done with the forms, we took our scripts and were being lead to the holding room. Wah, macam singing audition pula. Hehe. Inside the room, immediately can hear the buzzing sounds of people rehearsing their "news" script. All were very bersungguh-sungguh but the 3 of us went in with our laughters and loud voice. As if we own the place only, I guess some of the people there must be annoyed with us la. We gave them relief by laughing and making silly jokes what...ok la ba tu. 
The waiting part was indeed long. Went in the holding room around 4pm, and I went in to the stage 1 room nearly around 7pm. I am not complaining though. Did I feel nervous? Yeah, sikit la. But it doesn't really matter la, was there for the sake of trying it for fun only. Haha. Tapi can see the rest were pushing themselves la. Some with very tebal certs file lagi. Wow, I am impressed.

Stage 1 room

Three panels inside *some RTM TV personalities la I guess, looks familiar but I don't know the name..haha..sorry they are not THAT famous.* and a couple of production team. Lights, camera, tv, microphones. 

We said our hellos and the panels started asking about talents and all. I have written in the form that I can sing and dance only ~ not having any hosting experience. So guess what? I was being asked to sing a song. Alamak. Punya la...

SO sing la.. La la la la la.

Then asking me to do a mock hosting experience. Berpura-pura in front of the camera. OMG, why I am doing this to myself?? *Slap-slap*

Then ask me to read news.

Their feedback : Not enough punch, intonation and presentation was okay but not enough "punch". *What in the world is THE "PUNCH" anyway?*

They decided: To give me a chance to the 2nd stage but got one panel said I need to put more make up on because she said "awak punye muke ni bukan lah cantik sangat".....*Wahhh, terlebih pula tu!!*

I didn't show much emotion at the news of advancing to the 2nd stage, so the people in the room hairan... hahaha..They said "Kenape tak excited pun?"

Stage 2 room 

Hey now-now, it's a bigger room with more people inside. More TVs, camera, and lights and microphone.

3 panels. I don't know them also. *haha, sorry!*

Introduced myself. They asked me a few questions but I definitely can't forget the moment they asked me this.

Panel: Siapa pembaca berita kegemaran anda di RTM?
Me: Saya tak ingat nama, tau muka saja *OMG, I seriously don't know RTM punya newscasters, other station tau la*
Panel: Cuba describe muka dia macam mana?
Me: Sebenarnya tak selalu sangat RTM sebab kalau berita memang selalu tukar-tukar channel saja. *No homework la that's cilaka this moment*
Panel: Selalu berita tengok channel apa?
Me: RTM and TV3 la.

Everyone in the room cringe at the moment I said TV3. OMG...what have I done? Ok, long story short. I was being asked to read another news script. Both in Malay and English.

Their comments: Penyampaian anda OK, taklah cemerlang sangat tapi boleh diperbaiki. Pakej ada. Bakat ada. Intonasi baik. Tapi kami baru perasan satu kelemahan awak, lepas awak baca berita dan kami tengok di skrin ni baru nampak. Gigi awak tu..bahagian bawah, tak rata kan. Tak cantik.

WTH? I was turned down because of my teeth??? 
Ohohohoho...Ini sungguh memalukan la.
I didn't feel very sad la. Dissapointed a bit only. 
Today, I got another perspective of the broadcasting business. 
Today, I was being labelled as person who is not pretty enough, fat and chubby, and my teeth not nice.It just concludes that to be in this industry,


I certainly can't live up to that. Guess am better off as a teacher then.


Dazeree Joan said...

haha. that sounds fun. tho teda sendiri teda guts mo buat. he

sweet-girlicious said...

ong!!are they really looking at the least your experience can give us a lesson...ehhe

but at least you enjoy your day!

a.M.y said...

hahaha... lawak jg ni... tula sa blang p kasi lurus gigi... hihihi.. tp dpt masuk stage 2 ba.. hebat jg tu.. huhu

chegu carol said...

even by just reading this, i can feel the excitement :)

Onderay said...

itu picture editing ba ..funny o...

Joan said...

Daz! Siok bah. U should go and try. hehe. Next time kalau ada we go together la. hehe

Fion! Ya ba, setiap inci muka kena tengok tu. Because baca berita focus the face kan.

Mi!Mau kasi lurus gigi bukan murah ba. Lama lagi tu. Adui na.

Chegu!Can feel the excitement ka? I didn't include the part I was interviewed after the 2nd stage by the production crew outside. Nakal lagi dorang tu. Mau fokus gigi saya yang nda rata kunun guna kamera. Oh tidak...

Onderay! Funny ka? hehe. bagus kan my gigi can make people smile. hihi

resyscaz said...

FUNNY!!ahahah..the lesson here...teruskan jadi cigu..yeah..

Anonymous said...

Sia salute kau are so daring pigi buat audition ni :)

hence why all the superstar banyak plastic surgery done on themself..mesti mau picture perfect ni... tsk tsk tsk

Carmelliny said... makes me to think twice for my audition also.sama jg..teeth pn kena tengok jg?!

Dazeree Joan said...

pemalu bh sia ni hihi

May said...

try gi...lama2 dpt tu...:)