Monday, April 13, 2009

I am a sponge

How I wish I am.

I just wish I can absorb everything and when I am full of everything, I can just twist and dry myself without hurting anyone including myself.

Yeah. How I wish.

I just got a call from a distraught mother of a student in my class. The student has some attitude problem and what not la. Then of course, I have to listen and listen and listen for all I know this is not the first time that she called me to seek for help in tackling the daughter's problem.

I took pity of her. The school has their own way of managing this kind of problems and the parents has their own. I appreciate both ways but now things are getting more complicated and the kid seems to hate everyone around her except her friends. How should I help her then? Oh and btw she is not the only one causing problems in the class. Easily there are 6 or more of them but this particular student has a very responsible mother.

Massive headache.

The phone call was just the closure about what happened today. As usual a monday afternoon at work is not something that I and I think my students are looking forward to. Again, nagging happens and I just don't know what I was babbling about either because part of brain was trailing about the work, personal problems, things need to be done, things I haven't done....and the list goes on.

There were many times that I mis-pronounced words, haywired sentences, wrong spellings and mistakes in my numbers. So, anyone who saw me in a very strange manner i.e looking to space in the midst of my work, my brain is on a monologue mode.

Where did I do wrong?

In the midst of the chaos in my head, I tried my best to mark two classes punya exercise books. I recently had given my students some short test to evaluate them on a recent topic. Notes and explanations and quizzes done very well in class. I changed some question and voila..all I got is some crap on a piece of paper.

Out of 4o something students, 98% gave me crap and bullshit. It's as if I never taught them anything in the first place. Wawawawawa.. where did I go wrong.


I kept reminding my students that the exam is on the first week of May. My boss had been asking about the questions. Have I prepared them or not? I said I am working on it. Truth is...I haven't start any... Huhu

See, my job requires me to satisfy every other person's needs. I listen. I follow. I absorb everything. If I complain, I am a moaner. If I say it out, I am nagging. If I play dead, the result is a very severe headache. I hope hypertension is NOT on the way.

How I wish I am a sponge. sigh


a.M.y said...

one word... amnesia... student kakak ada short term memory ba tu tula tu.. durang kurang bepkir.. hehhe... jd spongebob..

Gallivanter said...

Being a sponge can also be not good for you....after a while, the sponge loses its lustre. :-)


sweet-girlicious said...

what kind of proficiency level of student you are teaching by the way?

Joan said...

Students tu damaged from primary school lagi tu. CCTS tidak pernah kena develop.

Huuu. I hope won't be a very worn out looking sponge one day.

What profiency level are you talking btw? In terms of language of profiency or something else. I am teaching four form 2 classes with different levels. From the best class to just an average students class. But one thing for sure that they don't have is the Creative and Critical Thinking skills. Underdeveloped to the maximum.

Dazeree Joan said...

agreed. students are plain lazy to use their brain. mo kena suap ja.

a.M.y said...

hmmm.. suma ni d sbbkan oleh teachers yg hilang passion da.. huhuhu... durang tu yg p suap jak tu budak2 tu... ekekeke..

tia pa nanti sa ajar budak2 sa time primary school bepkir k... hehe..

Earthy Emily said...

Work stress...that's the way it is...but God won't let us go through things that we can't endure. Sabar jak la dulu..

Lett said...

Why you want to think about everything? why need to satisfy everyone in every situation? Just do what you think is right.... itu saja bah tuh... kalau ko mau peduli semua kan.... susah tuh ... ko kena let go juga some matters....

sHeiLa said...

one sentence..