Friday, April 17, 2009


Amylea voted out instead of that very-annoying-looking-and-sounding Nine?

This is so unbeliveable. 

Amylea was also very surprised indeed. Kesian dia ni.. She deserve a chance to stay longer in the competition.

Well, at least TOP 3 la..


Sokong Esther saja la now dis.


chegu carol said...

i didnt know this.
bila sia switch to 8tv, sdh si nain yg performed...aiyo. i like amylea to be in top 3 as well.

sweet-girlicious said...

ayooooo i guess i'm like a frog under the coconut shell...i never watch this kind of competition since i was staying in rented house at this moment...teda astro ba...uh uh

Joan said...

fion..8tv ba OIAM. no need astro oso can watch.

carol..sedih sa si amylea keluar ni..huhu.