Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jawatan Kosong

I am looking for a dance partner for my Latin dance class.

Place: Imperial Dance, Foh Sang
Time: 8pm
Frequency: Once a week
Class fee: RM50 monthly

Requirement: Tall, handsome, can shake his bon-bon..hahaha <-- kidding!!!!

No requirement la, as long as you are a guy and committed to join the class, then it is more than enough. Plus, don't worry. It is a beginner class too.

Do send me a message to those who are interested.

are you getting the idea now? hehe..


sHeiLa said...

urghhh punya best!

kalau sa lelaki suda sa awal2 sign up sama ko..hahhaa

Cath J said...

you mean you pay them???? wowwww..... bertuah lah jejaka yg be your partner... ^_^

Joan said...

cath..salah bah statement saya tu..payment for the class..i corrected my sentence..hehe..malu oh

sheila..teda kawan ko di area kk yang ko boleh rekemen?