Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jawatan Kosong

I am looking for a dance partner for my Latin dance class.

Place: Imperial Dance, Foh Sang
Time: 8pm
Frequency: Once a week
Class fee: RM50 monthly

Requirement: Tall, handsome, can shake his bon-bon..hahaha <-- kidding!!!!

No requirement la, as long as you are a guy and committed to join the class, then it is more than enough. Plus, don't worry. It is a beginner class too.

Do send me a message to those who are interested.

are you getting the idea now? hehe..


TaQuiLa said...

urghhh punya best!

kalau sa lelaki suda sa awal2 sign up sama ko..hahhaa

CathJ said...

you mean you pay them???? wowwww..... bertuah lah jejaka yg be your partner... ^_^

Joan said...

cath..salah bah statement saya tu..payment for the class..i corrected my sentence..hehe..malu oh

sheila..teda kawan ko di area kk yang ko boleh rekemen?