Monday, April 05, 2010

something in the air

I tweeted earlier...

For some unknown reason, the air tonight felt so empty, and the sound of the darkness whispers solitude is in power.

Yes, that's the exact heavy feeling in the air I felt when I walked out of 1Borneo's building to the car park outside after gym just now. Not too mention the drive back home felt extra dark than usual.

Too observant perhaps? Or plainly superstitious?

Could be this is the answer for what I felt just now?

TODAY, April 5, is Qing Ming, or All Souls' Day. To Hokkien speakers, it is Cheng Beng. Practising Taoists and Buddhists look forward to it, and Chinese Malaysians mark it by visiting the graves of their ancestors, clearing weeds, touching gravestone inscriptions and offering a variety of food, wine and tea at the grave sites. -source

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CathJ said...

Ohhhhh... no wonder my in law doing thier prayers and bakar2 all... heheheh...