Thursday, April 01, 2010

maundy thursday

left work early, need to serve at church.

today's Maundy Thursday. Tomorrow gotta wake up bright and early to go for the way of the cross up St. Veronica hill.

another busy weekend coming up.

oh ya. I marbled my nails. after the sunburn, a girl just need to pamper herself. Haha.

My first attempt ni. Jadi juga lah. Thanks to the youtube video tutorial on this.

Maybe you can try it too.

One tip from me; don't do this project under a spinning fan, the nail polish tends to get hard faster than it should.


chegu carol said...

uiish not bad lah yg ko bikin on your nails.

kalau pakai kaler dark brown and light brown/beige...tus mcm kek batik ni :)

thnx for sharing the tutorial. buli belajar time2 tiada apa mo bikin.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

that is mad! i like it and it seems easy to do it? im gonna try it someday!