Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pillow Talk

I want to blog but I am sleepy. And it is not even midnight yet. I can see there's so many tabs opened at my browser now.

Not that I am "that" busy. List of tabs opened now;

1) Blogger
2) Facebook
3) Yahoo Mail
4) Gmail
5) Tumblr
6) Youtube

and the latest one now, addition to the almighty six tabs is no.7) mysoju.com

Oh, when will this procrastination stop?

Btw, what's your tabs on your browser? Don't say only one okay, I wouldn't believe you.

p/s: there you go one blogpost that came out of nowhere, must be the "mengantuk" effect.

1 comment:

GladysDavid said...

My tabs? Right now its all Blogger. Bloghopping early morning XD