Sunday, April 18, 2010

Studying again?

I have been thinking a lot lately. Thinking about to further my studies.

The problem is where and what course should I be taking? I am definitely interested in doing something to do with the education line. I guess I need to do some homework on this.

If I am going to do it locally, my heart still yearning to go back to USM. I still think it is one of the best place to study.

Full time or part time. That is another question.

Damn, as you grow older, more and more dilemma you have to face.


CathJ said...

hahahhahaha.... mcm tu lah tu cerita dia.. grow older lagi byk fikir and more grey hair... bukan lagi grey...

WHITES.. ;-p

all the best!! :)

黃郁順 said...


TaQuiLa said...

m going to take mine most probably next year.
Will take specialized in my degree, since I am thinking to be a lecturer

Annie said...

If I wanna consider to study again, I won't pick the U I've went before (UiTM). Can't stand its dress code. Hahaha!

erizabesu said... my point of view
kalau part time you should be aware of how much works and tasks involved. Kena ada semangat yang sangat kuat.
Kalau full time lebih ok kot. but depends on the course jugalah.
:) all the best.