Sunday, July 03, 2011

Everything starts with number 1

Don't you think so? It's like too much! 1Malaysia. 1Borneo. 1Sabah. 1Murid 1Sukan. Satu everything. But never bersatu juga. Haha. ( Btw, next week. Don't simply wear yellow. Nanti kena tangkap sebab baju 'bersih' kan - pakai baju kotor better )

Anyway, all the educator community had an overtime weekend I suppose. Yeah. that SATU thingy again. Berlari lah kita satu negara. Kunun. Pui!

And as usual, I was in charge of the warm-up and stretching session. Yawn! Sangat la nda siok sebab sound system set up lambat and the PK Kokum told me "Buat lah apa yang patut sebab kita tidak cukup masa sudah ni". So, improvise is the answer. Improvise to me is hentam buat saja lah apa yang terlintas di fikiran. Peduli.. Hehe.

As for today, I had to visit the studio again. Ada project sikit, yeah tiring! But it seems this is the thing that I am enjoying the most now. Studio means its a time capsule when things will be very time consuming and creativity just flow and I feel so liberated doing it. And so for the project, plus with collaborations with some local acts, kami dapat sponsor topi. Hehe.

Smart ka? LANSI Caps. I think LANSI - means arrogant ( not sure its Hokkien or Cantonese ) . But here, many people thought itu Lansi yang Langsi. Langsi ikan. Haha.

But still it's cool! Lovin' the inside the cap writing. -> 100% awesome


Onderay said...

oh that's where the lansi word comes from..keke

safwanghafar said...

where can i get the langsi cap ?