Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Anyone who is following my twitter, must be wondering. "Why in the world that this girl is so full of negative energy"

Yeah, I don't rant that much via Facebook status these days, most of them are in my twitter. So, my dear twitter followers; you really get all the shit err, I mean crap. Oh, what the hell, it's all pessimism that you are getting.
Anyway, do follow me on twitter if you like to have negativity rubbed in your face. Haha. @joanmoo

I love Wednesdays. Why? Because my timetable for today is quite free and I don't have to teach for the final period. But today, I am hating Wednesday.

The main reason is because when I put on my blouse and skirt which I haven't wear since April this year, I hardly can squeeze into the skirt. And the corset that I am wearing inside the blouse to tuck my stomach inside also squeezing my fat sampai sakit my kulit. I have to keep adjusting it while teaching and its damn irritating!

Ah, I am facing the cold hard fact that I am actually overweight already. The weight is not my main concern, its about getting all flabby and chunky at the wrong places. And to top all this, my appetite is something that requires much willpower to control it.

I am an impulsive eater. I eat to suit my mood. So since I am always Ms. Pessimistic on Twitter you know how I eat as well.

Maybe, I should try this.. See what the ad offers ( hehehe )
Itu bahagian -> Menyingkirkan daging di pinggang dan perut yang paling manang!


Annie said...

I never open my TW account for months already. All my rants jatuh di FB saja.. Heheh.. Thinking of deleting my TW tapi macam sayang. Biar la dia sana tu besawang. ;-D

Ya bah, paling manang tu yang menyingkirkan daging di pinggang dan perut tu. Haha!

CathJ said...

Bukan lagi lemak... DAGING bah... ui saya pun mau lah.. LOL..

chegu carol said...

LOL! Habis lah teda daging sudah...

Joan said...

daging bah kan...gila punya iklan tu..betul2 hardcore..hehe!