Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Malas. Panas. Bikin panas.

At the moment I am typing this post, I am at the staff room. Well, mine is separated from the main one. Because I'm the kuli kuli saja. Hehe. Setiausaha peperiksaan dalaman konon. Hence the isolation. And in the afternoon, I am practically alone here. So, I am very sleepy now.

Been staring at my exam paper for too long that I can sleep with my eyes open.

I just don't know what's wrong with me lately. I am just totally UNMOTIVATED for work these days. I came to work late almost everyday. I basically don't care how do I look coming to school.

And to make things worse, yesterday and today, I gave in to my laziness that I just don't bother to do anything with my students. All I say "do your revisions" and I started reading my Readers Digest. The only period that I am excited for is teaching PE. My oh my, what's wrong with me.

Bottom line is the teaching environment here is not fun anymore given that my surroundings is not fun. The work ethics here is more like "I do my work and that's it". The camaraderie is out of question.

And that fact slap hard on my face making me realize that I don't really have friends at work.

Gosh, I am still sleepy!!!


chegu carol said...

it's time to try out new environment mangkali? another school perhaps?

Onderay said...

make sure the work environment in the sekolah you buka nanti is not like that ar... :D