Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fan swirling over my head

The fan circling round and round, and me sitting with a glass of cold ice tea and an empty plate. Ate one donut. Oh the sugar and calories. Let it be. Curvy girls are here to rule the world. *self consolation konon the last sentence tu*

Funny how I can spend a solitary tea time at this school canteen allowing me to blog with ease. Some teachers with their normal cliques. Me? I don't feel like socializing today. Time and time again the question of "bila mau kawin?" may become a bit of annoyance. Tapi lama2 macam lali sudah la. I just don't care, just have to bear in mind not to take things too personal.

I am quite happy today given the fact it's a rainy day and I do love rainy days. It makes me more attentive to my monologues in my head which is good for inspiration in writing poems or songs. And if you must ask how I can get inspired to start writing? Rainy days is the answer.

Ten minutes to my next class and I am struggling to finish the cold tea and both hands are still typing words to my phone. The other colleague who had joined me briefly at this canteen table is nowhere to be seen. Thank god for that at least there'll be no more questions about my life plans.

Anyway, just to let everyone know. My weekends starts this evening. Hehe. Long weekend am gonna have. I love CRKs. Now, who said July has the least public holidays. Hehehe.

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