Friday, July 01, 2011

RSVP please!!

Am getting married! For real





Yeah, you must be like WTH right?!

Ni la ni. Bila umur sudah meningkat sana la juga banyak mulut2 urang sibuk mo bercakap.

Awwww, c'mon.

The question usually will be "bah bilalah?" I am not offended nor angry when being asked like that. I will always answer " if the time comes I will let you know juga"

Tapi yang bikin panas ada lagi yang berusaha mau menyakinkan yang saya memang PATUT kahwin sudah by sibuk cakap pasal umur and even better by saying "jangan tunggu lama nanti jadi *ehem"

Bah..what's that word? Andartu? Cakap saja la bah. Mo jaga hati kunun. I am already offended enough by telling me about my ticking biological clock, fading youth and what not. For goodness sake I studied biology in college. Sana lagi mau bagi BIO 101.

Sometimes I am not sure whether this kind of people are really concerned about me or they just have that I-don't-know-what-to-talk-about moments. Nothing to say shut up lah. Tanya satu cukup, ni mau lagi berceramah.

All I know, my life is not "your" life or "their" life. Everyone has a different life story. It's all up to them how they wanna live it. Besides a wedding isn't another birthday party to organize. A marriage is a lifelong commitment.

Somehow, this "insulting" people with annoying conversations always will end the conversation with no further arguments when I say " kalau saya kahwin nanti saya jemput juga ko bah "

Hmmm. Takkan takut nda kana jemput..


AngeL BeaR said... always happens when some kepoh relatives esp, bising abt my singleton status...."bah bila lagi?" balik2 stopped when I asked the same to them in a funeral. hehehe..baru dorang tau.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

lain kali ko jawab ja: "ba,ko tolong sy cari yg hensem baik dan kaya punya org la dulu. n sponsor my wedding. THANKS!" shuts them up all the time.

TaQuiLa said...

heeee..yes, takut nda kena jemput jak ba tu. and oh, they are jealous with ur, let them be :)