Saturday, July 23, 2011



Yes..betul punya bah tu. Bukan main-main.

It has been in my plan, I once said to myself I am gonna wait till I am 26 before I got inked, just maybe I will change my mind

I didn't change my mind, just that the design changed. I got this tattooed on my wrist. As expected, mom didn't take it well. Kena marah la in a way. But its already done. Apa boleh buat kan, its not like I am 16.

Sakit kah?

Oh well, I personally can say that I am afraid of needles and my tolerance of pain is very low. But, I survived! Hehe.

The whole experience for me was therapeutic. I have my own personal reasons why I really do want to have JADE tattooed on me.

For all the rejections, failures, hardship and skepticism that I had and gonna have for my journey with JADE, the pain for the tattoo is nothing.

And this is a constant reminder for me to persevere and stay focused throughout the journey.

The only problem now is how to make it un-noticeable due to the nature of my job, the watch can't really hide it.

Joan says: I'm officially inked!


TaQuiLa said...


nda sakit ka? (soalan must ni) heeeeeeee..tapi lawa suka

chegu carol said...

Ko pakai bangle or wrist strap lah during working kasi double2 sama ur watch...or else, cari watch yg lebar dia punya strap :)

Cool. And well done in enduring the pain. Maybe u know this already, but u might want to feel the pain again. :)

CathJ said...

I was thinking juga.. how you gonna hide it.. hihihi.. wear big strap watch lah.. ^_^

anyway nice.. ^_^

Unknown said...

OMG congrats, haha! I'm getting one too this year... my first... hopefully I wont chicken out last minute! >.<

Annie said...

Nice eh! Macam saya pun terpengaruh mau buat ni, tapi kasi duluan my hubby dulu. Kalau dia cakap sangat sakit, ahh sa inda mau buat laa.. But if he says it's not really that painful, dengan sukacitanya saya akan pigi buat juga :D

Joan said...

sheila -> sakit bah. kalau urang bilang nda sakit. tipu tu. tapi sakit dia endure juga.

carol -> i agree with you about wanting more of the pain. a day after i got one, sudah sa rasa mo tambah ni.

cath j -> yeah, big strap watch kan.

daniel -> i almost chicken out also at the last minute. but its a decision of now or never. just go for it.

annie -> depends juga di mana part ko buat, kalau tempat yang banyak isi kana tattoo macam nda berapa sakit tu. my sis did hers at the back, tidak sakit dia bilang.