Friday, July 08, 2011

Welcoming Hari Lima with open arms

Technically, it's Friday. The clock had past midnight sudah kan. (Well, some people don't really feel its already a new day if they havent get their night sleep and woke up literally for a new day kan. It happens to me as well)

So, what's new?

My weekends starts today. Yeay. Thanks for the Larian 1M1S last Saturday! Other schools seems to have their cuti ganti on last Monday but our school postponed ours to Friday due to the visit from Nazir that day. Oh, well; nonetheless its a good news. Long weekend is here baby!

Talking about the weekend. The much hyped up issue now is the 9th July rally. So, what's your take on that? I guess there's no right or wrong about it after all the objective of the rally is quite a neutral issue. Not taking sides of the pro-gov or anti-gov.

Anyway, it's a sad thing that many people turn this neutral issue to be something else. I don't wanna comment on that. I am not very well informed of all the other angles and aspects that arises from this matter. Just that what irks me a lot, about some people who condemn those who are in support of the rally for being un-educated, stupid, blinded and what other nonsense. And the same thing vice versa. It's a free country. Oh wait, I need to have a rain check on that. Haha.

I guess before you comment or make any remarks on something that needs deeper level of understanding, keep yourself informed. Informed well, I mean by having mainstream and alternative sources at hand. Read both sides of the stories.

Sometimes people's comments are as shallows as their thoughts anyway. What the heck? Why do I even bother about them. Haha.

So...what colour of baju I want to wear when go out this Saturday? Hmmmmm...

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

i still have 'workends' tmrw and next week. bugger. btw, guess what colour of shirt i'd be wearing tmrw during our teacher's day celebration :D