Monday, April 11, 2011

The fine line

I got this call at 645am.

" Joan, ko nda pigi skul kah? "

And I was like WTF???? I am afternoon session bah, kenapa pula I have to be at school at that un-Godly hour?

" Ko bertugas ikut kontijen Sofbol "

And again WTF????

" Eh, kenapa saya tidak tahu ni " fighting off the grogginess.

" Ada nama ko tu. Datang ah "

Me ...... " mmmm..okay "

Sambung tidur. Sa pura pura lupa la tu.

I am actually looking forward for my Monday focusing on my task. MY TASK.

That phone call this morning is one of the things that is NOT MY TASK. And furthermore its always out of favour.

Tulung ah..tulung ah..tulung ah...

I have been helping them diligently for the past few years. The athletics team pun macam itu. The netball team pun macam itu. The badminton pun macam itu. Haiya mati la bah!

Ni lagi pagi pagi kana telefon suruh pigi karaja, teda angin teda ribut teda surat teda notis awal. Main suka hati saja tunjuk saya sebab

a) rumah dia dakat sikul bah sinang ja dia datang sikul tu
b) dia sikul patang bah bukan ada ajar kelas peperiksaan tu
c) masih bujang bah bukan ada anak mo dijaga
d) dia okay bah tu rajin jak

Hmmmm.. I take the last part as a compliment but there's always a fine line between helping out and being a slave.

I choose to be a bitch today and ignore the call. Sorry! Saya pun ada kerja saya sendiri.

Happy Monday everyone!


serra jo. said...

Good for you! Just ignore! My workplace is also showing signs of this kind of slavery. Worst - orders from the top. Sudahlah 18 org saja kami cikgu sini. It sucks.

AngeL BeaR said...

If it's not within your scope of work you got only 2 choices - do it or leave it. they can't force you to do it at their own whims. =p

Anne B. said...

hehehee!! breathe in breathe out.... sometimes u have to be firm kan,

TaQuiLa said...

Memang bikin panas kan if our 'help' last last kena kasi jadi macam 'slave' jak..

This year is OK for me since I transfered to new school. Tapi, nda tau la kalau next year nanti dorang bagi suda tugas2 ni..bersedia jak loh..

but yeah..u are teacher, not a slave :P

Annie said...

If I were you, I'll do the same thing too. I really hate last minutes task. Lebih2 lagi kalau kena suruh atas sebab 1, 2 dan 3 dalam post ko ni.. Adeh. Sabar ja la kan ;-D

chegu carol said...

hmmm thought i have left a comment here...anyways, once u learned to say no...they (whoever they are) will have slight hesitations to simply ask you for favor in future. The second time you rejected them, the hesitations will grow thicker and know what's next.

Georgie J said...

bukan tu urang gaji ko pun.pologoson....