Thursday, February 14, 2013

Best Birthday to date

Although it falls on Ash Wednesday but it doesn't stop me to have little little birthday parties to celebrate being 28 and as my girlfriends say last birthday time bujang.

Thanks all, I feel so blessed and happy. Usually its always a quite birthday party for me. A cake at home and thats it. But this time around, I felt so happy to celebrate with all my favorite people around. ( Just the Andre is not around - but its okay! ahaha )

Birthday Lunch with the fancy hats and the 2 and 8 candles... It's surreal to see that number. I have stop counting since 25

Another mini birthday party with the Korean students. They are one very hyper bunch. Love the energy, made me feel so young!

And of course, the birthday party with the family. Every year, I surely share my birthday cake with my sister Erika and usually the party will be on the 14th. But since everyone at home today, so we decide to cut the cake today. YEAY!

Oh how I wish I don't have to worry about sagging skin and wrinkles. Anyway, I had a great birthday.  Come next week, this birthday girl has a lot planning to do since this is the last day being bujang. Gah!

Have a great day tomorrow! Valentines day it is!

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

happy bday joan! u don't look a day over 25. :D