Monday, February 18, 2013


Finally I am down with sore throat and flu. Hurrah! After almost a month of non stop hectic schedule. (Engagement prep+engagement day+Korean visit+netball practice+netball tourney). This is it. This is all my body can take and finally it gave me the signal to take a break.

I am also on a no-meat for 40 days FYI. Cheer me on ok. So far the temptation of meat can be avoided, just don't tempt me with char siew aka sasau. Hoho.

Back to work today, the bluest Monday ever and I harassed my students with unkind words today. Thank God for sweet surprises like this handmade card by the mister. My heart got flower u know. Haha. His handwriting has gotten better. Haha.

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Amanda Christine Wong said... sweet! Btw, 40 days no meat huh? That's big! I rather puasa than not eat meat. haha. good luck!