Saturday, February 23, 2013

Himpunan what?!

Shitty Saturday. When one has to wake up at 530am. and leave the house by 6am .. just to register by 7am. As it was stated in the letter.

I am totally un-amused!

And look at the teachers lining up to get the free baju and supposedly "register" their attendance and the registration system wasn't even organised well. People just dont know where to line up and when they just line up they only discovered that they lined up at the wrong queue upon reaching the counters because the labels are small!

They made teachers came from around Sabah to this place on a SATURDAY, EARLY in the morning just to make sure that the VIP won't be alone at the event. Because apparently, if you invite people nicely, NO ONE will actually come to this event. Hmmppph! Bagi duit bah, berebut urang datang tu.

I saw photos of teachers playing games, exhibition and what other nonsense. One photo that amuses me a lot is some teachers playing congkak. WHAT? They take your weekend away from you so that you can play congkak with fellow guru muda. ODOI!

And hello that Mr.Muhyi only came at around 11ish am. Thank God I have left by 830am. I just don't understand this activities done by the "higher" authority these days will always cause massive human queue everywhere.

Hey look here. The BSN in Tuaran. Check out the queue for the people to cash out their BR1M voucher.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha! suckers ja yg stay to see Mr Muhyi...