Monday, February 25, 2013

Chap Goh Meh

Was yesterday... It was almost like a war zone by midnight and I didn't sleep well.

And I really wasn't in a good or neutral mood today. It's like I was really really on a pissed off mood. I threw a wooden ruler to the students today during class. I can easily break somebody's neck today if someone ever stepped on my tail.

Coughing non stop and blocked nose while teaching paralyzed everything and the unlucky students got all the shit load from me today.

Looking at wedding gowns and all this stupid preparation made me feel even worse knowing that I am not in a supermodel size or anything near. Pretty gowns are nothing when you have big arms, big bust, big waist and everything big. All those stupid gowns pun tiada yang murah. Bikin sakit jiwa mau kawin ni. There you have it a bridezilla in the making now. I feel like a female Incredible Hulk today. Just that I am not green but flaming red.

And I just can't recall why I started to take up the challenge of having a no-meat for 40 days during lent. It's only like two weeks to it and I am on the brink of giving up. I am getting bored with fish and since the red tide alarm is still around, its like impossible to eat fish with no worries. Thus resulting in canned food all the time. Urgh!! Without meat in my diet and under pressure now, I feel like eating everyone up, Semua kana marah.

Now my meal will usually consists of eggs, canned tuna, kimchi or some vege and rice.

Saya mau sasau!!!! Huhu. Easter come fast!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

Looks like the thing that has kept u up and going is goddamn meat...haha. nda lama lagi tu easter. it'll be over in a blink.

Jue said...

Rilex ko Joan...tarik nafas panjang and hembus...ko akan rasa lega...

Joan said...

@amanda... ya bah. Meat keeps me going.

@Jue.. Thanks. really stressed this few days