Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Its a solitary journey

This is the time when I feel the loneliest ever. Its when you decide everything yourself and the road taken is so lonely.

Its when you need things done your way but people will just question it. Why do you need this? Why do you want that? Why? Why? Can't I just have it my way? and now it turns out that I am not having this celebration for myself but for others.

Everything I worked on. Everywhere, be it anything. Work, personal, for the future. It will be questioned. Can't I just have it my way? Jadi apa lah saya punya kewujudan ni kalau semua pun mo kana query...

Support? Fuck support

Career? Fuck career

Wedding? Fuck the wedding prep.

I am in a mess now and totally sunburnt. I have till Thurs to be baked in and out.

If I am to pack and leave right now and leave everything and everyone. I wouldn't miss anything or anyone.

Everyone can just go to hell.

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