Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sulky Sunday

Maybe I have started my weekend on the wrong foot. I was kinda feeling extra grumpy today. Its like almost everything irritates me. Or maybe it's just one of those days. Even the bedsheet being very licin pisses me off.

I am still coughing like no tomorrow and my cough syrup has finished. Sang at the choir today and can't help but to sound very nasal and elephant like. Ugh!

And hey, I miss singing so much. I have not done any covers since like November last year. Christmas came and blacked out whole of December and the prepping of new school year and my engagement party blacked out the whole of January and February is running fast after the whole Korean program and school work came like avalanche.

Prepping for a wedding in less than a year is also stressing me out. Practically everything is stressing me out these days. Work (never ending timetable changes), wedding prep, what's life gonna be like if I ever have to transfer. The only method of escapism from all this madness is to indulge in a good song. And just layaaaaannnnnnnn... It has been months since I touched my ukulele too.

I am sad. really sad.

I just want tomorrow to still be a Friday. I hate Mondays!

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