Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Valentine! ( a back dated post )

This is a backdated post because I forgot to publish it. haha

A lot has been going lately eh? The whirlwind of the political scene and the invasion of some Filipino militants in east coast definitely has stir different emotions altogether. There was a big fire near the waterfront area lagi today. Whoa. Eventful.

Today is all about love. Love for yourself, your family, your partner, your friends, your pets, your belongings and everything. Haha. Hope you all had and eventful day today. Mine was spent at the netball court today.

Also, a birthday shoutout to my sister Erika. Happy 18th Birthday. Besar sudah oh pula my youngest sister. She is no longer a baby. I remember being 18 and I was already a first year student in uni. Huhu.

Have a happy valentine all! Spread the smile and love to everyone. Everyone deserved to be loved.


Jue said...

Happy Valentine's day to you too...

Joan said...

Happy Vday to u too ^^